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Certified Nursing Assistant costs | Certified Nursing Assistant School
Tips and Information about becoming a CNA

Certified Nursing Assistant School Costs

Find Out More Details About Certified Nursing Assistant Training

certified Nursing Assistant

With the current economy, it may be hard for you to pay for your Certified Nursing Assistant costs from your savings. This article will look first at how much certified nursing training school costs and then show you alternative ways for paying for your courses.

What are the roles and responsibilities of CNA?

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is a very responsible position which involves careful attention to the needy patients. One must be very helpful and co-operative while handling and managing all the daily activities of the patients. The major daily tasks of particular Certified Nursing Assistant involves bathing, dressing, feeding, ambulating, vital signs, toileting, comforting and listening to all the concerns of specific patients. This profession is all about having a total dedication and compassion about the patients and their needs. One must be thoroughly prepared to help needy patients and look after them carefully all the time.

Considering all these roles and responsibilities of Certified Nursing Assistant, it is definitely not an easy job but it is certainly very well rewarding one for those who are really passionate about this field. Several new CNAs get overwhelmed by looking at the sheer workload and stress related to the work. But if one persists and carefully performs his/her duties regularly over the period then it becomes a routine task for the person. People, who can handle this stress very well and have the real compassion and dedication towards this field, should only think about this as a career path. People, who look at this career option just as the means to pay the bills, fail miserably because they lack the requisite qualities needed for CNA profession.

How you can become CNA professional?

It is not that difficult to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. However, every state has different type of course, testing, learning environments that can affect your Certified Nursing Assistant training. If you want to know the details about the Certified Nursing Assistant training in your own state then it is important for you to contact your nearest State Nurse Aide Registry or State Licensing Board. You can even gather information from the internet about the different state agencies that offer different types of Certified Nursing Assistant training programs.

One must be aware about the fact that CNA has several different terminologies in different states such as Nursing Aides, Patient Care Technicians, Nursing Assistants, Orderlies, Home Health Aides, etc. You must be well aware about these terminologies in your own state. It is also important to perform thorough background and criminal check along with drug test before you get hired at a particular healthcare facility.

What are the CNA school or training costs?

It is important for you to find out the different nursing training opportunities in your local areas. Usually, local healthcare hospitals and clinics require trainee nursing individuals. Such healthcare facilities often advertise free classes or provide training on the basis of earn while you learn principles. Free nursing classes are helpful for people who do not have any prior work experience in the healthcare industry. Such classes can run from 2 to 6 weeks full time.

Some healthcare facilities even pay for such trainees for their state tests. But one must be prepared to work for full time at such locations for certain period of time. Other options are to enroll yourself at a local community college for regular full time Certified Nursing Assistant classes. One can also take the requisite nursing training through Red Cross. It is also possible to take online Certified Nursing Assistant training classes now.

Such CNA classes are usually run up to 6 months. The school costs or training costs of these paid nursing classes can be from $300 to $600 which differs place to place and also depends on the quality and category of the education. Though some nursing classes are expensive, they are more suitable and beneficial for the students who are not very confident and need extensive training before entering into the main profession. Such students often get better prepared and more confident which can help them in their career for longer period of time.

However, only CNA classes are not enough to become a well prepared Certified Nursing Assistant. On the job training is critically important in the healthcare industry. Once you finish your nursing training, then it is important to undergo the state test which is critical to become a certified nursing professional. Your trainer usually arranges specific place and date for this type of state test. Once you clear this state test, then you become a Certified Nursing Assistant officially and then you can apply at your local healthcare facilities for a nursing assistant job.

If you plan to attend college to get your certification, there are many added costs compared to if you took your certification online. You will pay between $2,500 and $6,000 depending on the school that you choose. There may be added costs like accommodation and meals. You can choose to go to college and then apply in scholarship programs, but be ready with some cash in case you don’t qualify for a scholarship or get only a partial one.

Although more expensive, it happens to be the best way to get your certification. You are fully exposed to all equipment and procedures and you get taught by qualified nurses. You also integrate into a community of students and you can learn a lot more than if you took the course alone online.

  • An online course will be cheaper and its also an excellent way to get your Certified Nursing Assistant training. There are many schools that offer good courses online, and you can expect to pay about $1,500. You get to enjoy the flexibility that comes with online courses. You will also be sent to a medical facility near you to get your practical hours. The only thing you miss with online training is the daily interaction with other students and teachers.

You may also find that you have very limited exposure to labs and therefore may not learn how to use necessary equipment as well as if you went to college. Depending on your choice of school, you may also have to buy books and other materials, and this can be pretty expensive.

  • Red Cross Training

Not many people know this, but Red Cross does offer nursing assistant training in some places in the US. They charge a minimal cost of $800, and in addition to that, you get more exposure than in any other kind of nursing certification training. After just a few weeks of enrolling and taking your course, you will start to work actual cases with professionals and you are exposed to all kinds of procedures and equipment. The only drawback is that Red Cross offers this course in very few places and the waiting list is a long one.

Alternatives for paying for Certified Nursing Assistant training

You may not have the money to pay directly for your certified nursing assistant training, but this should not discourage you. You can still get your certification in the following ways.

  • Free online training is available, only you have to know where to look. There are medical facilities that offer this training online for free, and they will organize for you to have your course work, practical hours and reading materials just as if you were paying. These programs change from time to time so you have to do your research to know who is offering what. Talk to the medical institutions near you and you may be pointed in the right direction.
  • Government sponsorship is available for you if you have just finished high school and are looking to get a nursing certification. Good grades will help you get in. Go to a school near you and find out how you can apply for it.
  • Your employer can help you take care of part or all of your costs. If there are programs in your job that support training, you should talk to your employer and see how much they are willing to pay. You can also get your fees as a loan and pay back in installments.
  • Work study programs are a great way to get your certified nursing assistant training. Be ready to work so that your fees are taken care of. Check to see whether you get the best curriculum, teachers, reading material and practical hours.

There are other costs that may come to you depending on where you are training. You will have to pay a non-refundable cost of $100 for exams. If you don’t pass and have to take them again, this fee has to be paid again.

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant may not be very cheap, but it is well worth the money even in shrinking economies, the need for nurses keeps growing.

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